Me. No Makeup ^^

Hi. I love to makeup my face every day, a lot of...

25th Nov

DDdy, DD and MDD Panties Commission! ^^

SOLD OUT! Thank you! =^o^=/ Hello! I was sewed more DDdy, DD...

25th Nov
Panties (1)

I love LantisLT! ^^

I missing my love LantisLT… so was wrote his real name <3...

20th Nov

Fanart Dara ”Missing You”!

Who know me, I very love listening Kpop and my favourite group...

20th Nov

Answer is Yukino! =^o^=

The game ”Who is that girl?” is over!!!! Answer is Yukino! Winner...

08th Nov

The Game: ”Who is that girl?”

The Game is over!!! Thank you!! =^o^= Hello! I buy something new!!!...

08th Nov
H.i.S (1)