2014 Love Holidays! [2 part]

On October 18, 2014 by Ausra's Vampires

[2 part] Erice city photos^^

Erice is the city on the mountain! We saw so amzing nature! <3

My love LantisLT surprise me and he planned a vacation trip to Trapani (Sicily Island ) in this summer. It was so amazing and lovely present! I was so HAPPY! We flew by plane and it was the first time for us! =^o^=/

[1 part] Trapani city photos: http://lantis.lt/ausra/2014-love-holidays-1-part/

Sicily_065 Sicily_066 Sicily_067 Sicily_071 Sicily_078 Sicily_080 Sicily_081 Sicily_084 Sicily_085 Sicily_088 Sicily_090 Sicily_093 Sicily_094 Sicily_096 Sicily_097 Sicily_100 Sicily_101 Sicily_103 Sicily_108 Sicily_111 Sicily_113 Sicily_114 Sicily_115 Sicily_118 Sicily_121 Sicily_123 Sicily_125 Sicily_128 Sicily_138 Sicily_141 Sicily_144 Sicily_148 Sicily_151 Sicily_153 Sicily_155 Sicily_158 Sicily_163 Sicily_165 Sicily_181 Sicily_183 Sicily_189 Sicily_195 Sicily_204 Sicily_208 Sicily_215 Sicily_234 Sicily_244 Sicily_257 Sicily_260

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