2014 Love Holidays! [6 part]

On October 18, 2014 by Ausra's Vampires

[6 part] Island Favignana photos^^

We visit Island Favignana. It was so beautiful place!!! We walked around the island and saw so many beautiful places and beach <3 <3 <3 Also we saw black snake and so much lizards but they so fast and we can’t take photos with it. Was very hot but amazing! <3

[1 part] Trapani city photos: http://lantis.lt/ausra/2014-love-holidays-1-part/
[2 part] Erice city photos: http://lantis.lt/ausra/2014-love-holidays-2-part/
[3 part] Beach of Trapani photos: http://lantis.lt/ausra/2014-love-holidays-3-part/
[4 part] Segesta place photos: http://lantis.lt/ausra/2014-love-holidays-4-part/
[5 part] Erice city in night time photos: http://lantis.lt/ausra/2014-love-holidays-5-part/

Sicily_584 Sicily_585 Sicily_589 Sicily_595 Sicily_598 Sicily_600 Sicily_603 Sicily_605 Sicily_612 Sicily_617 Sicily_625 Sicily_628 Sicily_630 Sicily_633 Sicily_636 Sicily_640 Sicily_645 Sicily_648 Sicily_651 Sicily_653 Sicily_655 Sicily_660 Sicily_669 Sicily_671 Sicily_673 Sicily_675 Sicily_679 Sicily_682 Sicily_685 Sicily_686 Sicily_696 Sicily_698 Sicily_702 Sicily_706 Sicily_710 Sicily_717 Sicily_725 Sicily_728 Sicily_731 Sicily_744 Sicily_752 Sicily_759 Sicily_765 Sicily_771 Sicily_772 Sicily_779a Sicily_782 Sicily_784 Sicily_790 Sicily_806

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