Hello! Welcome in my blog!!! =^o^=/

Here you can see my Vampires photos and DD clothes for sale! =^o^=

So, I am Ausra, my name means – dawn (when the sun rises in the morning) and in Lithuania my name is writen Aušra. I am  21 years old girl and I am from Lithuania. I love sewing clothes for BJD and drawing anime/manga style! Now, I am a stutend of  Clothing Design and Technology in ”Utena University of Applied Sciences”. I live in my parents home, non smoking house but with a few cats and another pets, but they can not get in my sewing room^^

It is me! =^o^=/


My blog name is Ausra’s Vampires, because I love vampires so much and I have got Hui Ka, who is my and Yukino vampire! =^.~=


Also, you can find me:








Here are my Vampires:

Yukino and Hui Ka <3


Hui Ka and Yukino have got daughter, her name is Natsumi^^


Sorry for my English!=T.T=


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