Ausra’s Vampires Family! ^^

On October 20, 2013 by Ausra's Vampires

Hello! This tame I take some some photos with my Vampires! I have only 3 BJD, they are family! =^o^=

Visi ^^ (1)

Here is Hui Ka! He is my biggest Vampire! ^^

Visi ^^ (2)

Here is Hui Ka’s wife Yukino! She is my first and favourite BJD! <3

Visi ^^ (3)

And little Natsumi! She is Demon -Girl, because her Mommy is Yukino (Witch-Vampire) and Daddy is Hui Ka (Vampire)^^

Visi ^^ (4)

Hui Ka and Natsumi! They look cute!!! ^^

Visi ^^ (5)

Foever in love Hui Ka and Yukino! <3 <3 <3

Visi ^^ (6)



Visi ^^ (7)

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