Ausra’s Vampires Stuff!

On December 8, 2012 by Ausra's Vampires

Hi! I getting some stuff from Lantis.LT some time ago, but I was very busy and I can’t take photos… But finally I do it! Lantis.LT presented for me very great stuff with my Vampires: The Calling Cards, The Pens and The Calendar! It is so cool! I love them!!! Thank you very much Lantis.LT!!! <3

The Calling Cards of Ausra’s Vampires! ^^

This kitty is Natsumi’s toy! I think the kitty is really cute! My Mom really liked him very much too! ^^

I have got so much cards! It is so cool! Here are about 200 cards, but I was getting 250! =^o^=

The Pens! <3

The Calendar! Awww! It is amazing!^^

September! Here is my best model Yukino! ^^

Yukino in The Orange Outfit! ^^

Yukino in Miku clothes!^^

Santa Yukino!!!^^

Yukino with her love Hui Ka! <3

Here Yukino looks little sad, but and looks like the real model! XD

My guinea pigs! Thew now are very big and have got 5 kids!

My Vampies kissing! ^^

Here Hui Ka and Yukino with new wigs^^

Yukino in Mirai’s Outfits.

My family cats! XD White is girl and her name is Batukas (in English Little Shoe), In center cat is boy, he name is Blunka (in English means something no coolorXD) and last cat is boy too and his name is Goku (This name from anime Dragon Ball)! I very liked this photo! XD

Yukino in The Purple wig!^^

End of The Calendar! <3

All stuff! I am so happy and I love them very much! THANK YOU VERY MUCH LANTIS.LT! \=^o^=/ I love YOU! <3

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