BJD E.LT.2013: Ausra’s Vampires!^^

On September 16, 2013 by Ausra's Vampires

BJD E.LT.2013 – BJD Exhibition Lithuania 2013!

I was in Now Japan anime festival!!!! It was amazing, I was in BJD exhibition, topic: Japanese Oni! My Yukino was Yuki -onna, snow demon girl! I sewed very long time kimono but I did it! But I was very huff from anothers BJD owners… Also I get very cute suprise from my love LantisLT! He come to Now Japan and don’t say it for me, I go with my friend White Wolf and saw him! I can’t believe that here is my love!!! He come!!!! For me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy about it!!! I love you LantisLT!!!!!! =^O^=

We (1)

We (2)

It is me with Mirai Suenaga uniform, I sewed it myselft ;)

We (3)

Me and LantisLT!!!! We both are in orange color :D But LantisLT don’t know that I was wearing Mirai’s clothes and he wearing orange Sweater :D

We (4)

Yukino and Shiro!!!!!!!! <3

We (5)

They are so cute together!!! ^^

We (6)

LantisLT and me with White Wolf’s toy ^^

We (7) We (8) We (9)

We (10) We (11) We (12) We (13)

We (14) We (15) We (16)




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