Merry Christmas! ^^

I wish you all a pleasant and warm Christmas! The people from...

24th Dec
Merry_Christmas (1)

A hedgehog & Natsumi

My mom find new little friend – a hedgehog, so I show...

25th Oct
hedgehog&natsumi (1)

Sad Natsumi…

Today Natsumi is so sad…

19th Mar
NatsumiSad (1)

Happy Birthday Natsumi! ^^

Today is Natsumi’s birthday! She is in my Vampires family two years...

06th Oct
Natsumi (1)

The Touhou Chen Outfit

The Commission! ^^ I was get the commissions for Touhou Chen outfit and...

29th Sep
Model_Natsumi (1)

Pink Girl Natsumi^^

I take some photos with Yukino’s and Hui Ka’s daughter Natsumi, some...

25th Jul
Natsumi_Neko (1)

Demon Girl Natsumi^^

A few photos with my little demon Natsumi^^ I know, she wants...

01st Jun
Natsumi (1)

Natsumi again! ^^

More photos with my little Demon Natsumi.^^ Natsumi wears hat – the...

22nd Mar
Natsumi (1)

Looking for DD owners from Lithuania!!!

Hello, I and LantisLT are looking for Dollfie Dream owners from Lithuania!...

15th Mar