Daddy’s Presents!

On June 19, 2012 by Ausra's Vampires

My fiance Lantis.LT  come to me with presents for my vampires!!!

Yukino gets new amazing purple wig and Hui Ka gets very nice brown wig and cool boots! <3


They are so sweet together with new wigs!!!

Yukino and Hui Ka: Thank you very much Daddy!!! =^o^=

Hui Ka is poor vampire because I am so bussy and I very rarely sewed something for Hui Ka, but this time I sewed new outfit for my liltle vampire=^.~=

I made this necklaces cross! Many peoples thinking what vampires are afraid cross but I think  vampires will have believe in God and love cross! Hui Ka wasn’t always good vampire but love changed everything =^.~=

Here is Hui Ka new boots!!! <3

Yukino: Daddy love more Hui Ka?  =T_T=

Me: No! Why you think so?

Yukino: He got wig and boots, why Hui Ka gets more presents? =O.O=

Hui Ka: Because I don’t have any boots and shoes =^_^=

Me: You right Hui Ka!^^

Yukino: Hahaha, ago one years Daddy was sending for me 4 couples boots! Daddy love me more!!!!

Hui Ka: I love you most!!! <3

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