Dollfie Dream Sweaters!

On June 1, 2012 by Ausra's Vampires

I very love sweaters! So I made very much sweaters this winter  for Dream Dollfie dolls! =^o^=

 Here is my favorite The Purple Sweater (first version)! =^o^=

 The Orange Sweater looks like Mirai Suenaga new version by meXD (stil first version sweater)! =^o^=

Here is The Pink Sweater! It is very sweet, also first version^^

Here is The Purple Sweater second version! I made it about ago week. This sweater version isn’t for winter so muchXD

Here is The Yellow Sweater second version! I made it about ago week too. This sweater version is little for summer and I like it!=^o^=

The Pink Sweater (second version)^^

Third version! I made it today! This sweater is for summer!!!=^.~=

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