[FS] M3 Colorful Heart [2017]

On June 11, 2017 by Ausra's Vampires

SOLD OUT! Thank you! =^o^=/


Name: ”M3 Colorful Heart [2017]”. Price: $25.00 USD (shipping not included). Size: DDII body, M  bust.

The outfit includes:

1. The sweater,

2. The skirt,

3. The necklace.

Model: Dollfie Dream (DDII body, M bust) Yukino from Ausra’s Vampires. If you want buy or have any questions, PLEASE email me maig.ausra9[at]gmail.com


The sweater and skirt aren’t any putting on back because I want that the sweater and skirt will look like real.

Dressed: remove the doll head and to raise the hands. Very slowly and carefully dressed! Please be very carefully!

2 IMG_20170611_123200711 IMG_20170611_123247903 IMG_20170611_123254035 IMG_20170611_123303471 IMG_20170611_123515249 IMG_20170611_123710054 IMG_20170611_123719600 IMG_20170611_123807701 IMG_20170611_123856069 IMG_20170611_124102150 IMG_20170611_124425312 IMG_20170611_124516394 IMG_20170611_124526429 IMG_20170611_124653530 IMG_20170611_125008052 IMG_20170611_125027513

Please read all rules and info:

1. If you want buy or have any questions, PLEASE email me maig.ausra9[at]gmail.com

2. All sales are final, no returns or refunds unless it is my mistake, when PLEASE email me maig.ausra9[at]gmail.com

3. Payment only  PAYPAL account, all prices are in USD dollars.

4. Doll, wig and eyes are not  included in the sales!

5. Shipping to Europe price is $5, everywhere else shipping is 6$. Iincludes tracking and small insurance, traveling about 2-4 weeks! If you don’t get your items PLEASE write me maig.ausra9[at]gmail.com

6. I can send you the goods after payment 1-2 days.

7. I try use bright fabrics so it should not stain, but you can not be sure, beause always can be the first time! I don’t recommended to keep a long time with these clothes on your dolls.

8. Clothes can be washed only by hand! Do not bleach, do not dry clean, if clothes are with fur or leather details do not iron!

9. All outfits are handmade by me – Ausra Maigyte from LITHUANIA. I am working with ”Janome 6260QC” sewing car.

10. Iitems shades of the picture and reality may differ slightly. I take photos with phone (Nexus 5).

11. I live non smoking house with only one kitten. The kitten can’t touch my working place, fabrics. Before work, I always clean my hands, table and sewing car.

12. Sometimes I accept the commissions if I can sew it and if I can find the good fabric for the outfits (I live in small city and in the shop is a very small selection of fabrics). So please be understanding, if I can sew I will do it, but If I can’t – I am sorry!

13. I can make clothes DD (M.L bust), DDdy (normal bust), DDS (S bust) and MDD (bust).

Thank you for looking!

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