Mini BJD meet!

On April 16, 2013 by Ausra's Vampires

Hello! On April 12 was mini BJD meet in Lithuania! I and my Vampires meet ny goog friend PerlaNemesis ( and her girl Sayuri! =^o^= BJD meet was in my very good friend White Wolf home (she very want BJD and I hope she will have it soon)!

Sorry, but all photos wasn’t take by me, because my camera is not very good… So thank you very much for photos PerlaNemesis, she have good camera also big thank you for photos too for White Wolf, she also take many photos with PerlaNemesis’s camera!^^

I am very happy that in our mini BJD meet come sweet briends too, Gabriele (White Wolf best friend) and Juste (my and White Wolf’s friend)!!!

bjd (1)

Sayuri and my Vampires!^^

bjd (2) bjd (3)

My Vampires^^

bjd (4)

Hui Ka and his daughter Natsumi^^

bjd (5)


bjd (6)

The wristlet on Yukino’s leg is White Wolf’s present for Hui Ka, but it little too big for Hui Ka hand so Yukino take it! XDDD

bjd (7) bjd (8) bjd (9) bjd (10)

Dark Vampire – Hui Ka^^

bjd (11)

Beautiful Witch&Vampire – Yukino

bjd (12)

Vampire + Witch is Lovely Demon Girl – Natsumi^^

bjd (13)

And Amazing Sweet Girl – Sayuri! <3

bjd (14) bjd (15) bjd (16) bjd (17)

I am with BJD! ^^

bjd (18)

I and PerlaNemesis’s Sayuri^^

bjd (19)

I with my Vampires^^

bjd (20) bjd (21) bjd (22)

PerlaNemesis with my Vampires^^

bjd (23)

PerlaNemesis with my Vampires^^

bjd (24)

Me, PerlaNemesis, Sayuri and Vampires^^

bjd (25)

White Wolf with her godson Hui Ka!^^

bjd (26)

White Wolf with my Vampires^^

bjd (27)

White Wolf, me and BJD! ^^

bjd (28)

Me again with my BJD!^^

bjd (29)

Gabu with Hui Ka^^

bjd (30)

I like new Gabu’s hairstyle, I think she looks cute^^

bjd (31) bjd (32)

Hui Ka’s and my hands^^

bjd (33) bjd (34) bjd (35) bjd (36)


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