My 20th Birthday Gift! ^^

On December 31, 2013 by Ausra's Vampires

I know… I am so late with my 20th birthdays gifts photos. My bithday was on November 12. I am sorry that I am so so late =T_T=

But I show my gifts and I am saying: THANK YOU SO MUCH MY CLOSE FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!!


The gift from my family!!! Two kittens with amazing letter and surprise inside! Thank you so much!!! I love you ALL!!!\=^o^=/

1 family

The gift from my friend Migle! She really know me that I love purple color, lisening songs very much time an I love crazy things! I love this gift! Thank you so much Migle!!! ^^

2 Migle

The gifts from my friend White Wolf (Dovile) and from her boyfriend Rolandas!!! I so love this stuff for dolls!! Thank you so much, you are amazing!!! ^^

4 Dovile

The gift from my sweet friend Juste!!! She was made amazing purple earings special for me!!! I love it so much!!! Also I get the amazing photo with her!!! <3 Thank you so much Juste!!!!! =^o^= /

5 juste

Also I get very much the gifts from my friends: PerlaNemesis and Hinatule!!! You girls are so cool!!! I was very happy with you both in Mini BJD meet! It was great time!!! I hope, I will see you soon!!! Thank you so much Hinatule and PerlaNemesis!!! ^^

6 Perla ir Kristina





7 perla ir kristina

Here very cute gift from LantisLT’s moomy!!! It is so lovely surprise!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! =^O^=

8 Nerijaus Mama

And here are incredible gift from my close friend Edita!!!! She is amazing artis and more amazing people!!! Edita did so incredible work with this tree (I always want have this style tree and now my dream is true!!!) Also Edita did my cat Karolukas portret!!! It is so beautiful!!! =^o^= Thank you so much Edita!!! You are amazing!!! \=^o^=/

9 Edita

Karoluka’s portret! <3 <3 <3

10 Edita

Everything is hand made by Edita!!!! =^o^=

11 Edita 12 Edita

And the last gifts!!! From my love LantisLT!!! He did for me so big surprise!!!! I get amazing purple headphones, the postcard, the sewing tool, the perfune, Rozen Maiden Art book and Neus4 photo!!! So much presents from my love!!! I just want say that I love you  so much!!! You always are too good for me!!! I will write next post only about LantisLT’s gifts! =^o^= Thank you so much!!! I love you!!! =^o^=/

LantsLT LOVE (11)

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