Nyaaa 2015! ^^

On June 28, 2015 by Ausra's Vampires

”Nyaaa” is event of Japanese cultural (anime and cosplay) in my city Utena. Now Nyaaa is five years old!!!! It is so cool! Thank you so much Karolis and your team for amazing Nyaaa every years!!! =^o^=/ I was in Nyaaa with my sister 5 times (every year)! But this time we was little late because on June 27 was my science graduation ceremony too (I will write about it soon) ^^’

I take my dollfie dream Yukino to Nyaaa again and my sister Ingrida take her first dollfie dream doll Kos-Mos (she is my present to her but it is old story)^^

Also this year we weren’t alone! With us was our friends:

White Wolf with her BJD boy Maksas Kolesnikov https://www.facebook.com/wwsewing?fref=ts

Perla Nemesis with her little BJD girl Elia http://perlanemesis.blogspot.com/

Kristina. She have 3 BJD boys, but she is feels very bad and can’t come to Nyaaa, it is so sad! I am so sorry! :(

Edita.  She’s studying in the same college and class with me^^

Juste. She is my good friend, who cooking pastries and cakes! <3

We have great time!!! =^o^= More info about Nyaaa: https://www.facebook.com/nyaaacosplay?fref=ts

Selfie with my sister Ingrida and our dolls^^

Nyaaa2015 (1) Nyaaa2015 (2)

I take photos with my sister Ingrida and her doll Kos-Mos^^

Nyaaa2015 (3)

Ingrida takes so photos with me and my Yukino^^

Nyaaa2015 (4) Nyaaa2015 (5) Nyaaa2015 (6)

Sisters sellfie^^

Nyaaa2015 (7) Nyaaa2015 (8)

Nyaaa opening! We saw so many cool cosplays!!!! Sorry no photos because I have only my phone, but I believe that you can see the photos on Nyaaa facebook soon: https://www.facebook.com/nyaaacosplay?fref=ts

Nyaaa2015 (9)

We go to outside, near was Nyaaa event and take some photos with our dolls^^ Here my Yukino! ^^

Nyaaa2015 (10)

Group photo!!! Ingrida’s Kos-Mos (blonde girl), White Wolf’s BJD boy Maksas, on Maksas hands is Perla’s little girl  Elia and the last is my Yukino^^

Nyaaa2015 (11)

There are we! My sister Ingrida (blonde girl), Perla Nemesis , White Wolf, Juste and me^^

Nyaaa2015 (12)

White Wolf! ^^

Nyaaa2015 (13)

Juste! ^^

Nyaaa2015 (14)

Perla Nemesis! ^^

Nyaaa2015 (15)

Ingrida! ^^

Nyaaa2015 (16)

And me! ^^

Nyaaa2015 (17)

Me again :D

Nyaaa2015 (18)

And again me :D

Nyaaa2015 (19)

Once again me  :D :D :D

Nyaaa2015 (20)

Edita with me, she was little late, but I am so happy that she come! ^^

Nyaaa2015 (21)

We have great time :)

Nyaaa2015 (22) Nyaaa2015 (23)

Edita on Nyaaa 2015! ^^

Nyaaa2015 (24) Nyaaa2015 (25)

Edita very like this art place hand made plush toy^^

Nyaaa2015 (26) Nyaaa2015 (27)

My Yukino with Perla’s Elia! They are so lovely together! ^^

Nyaaa2015 (28)

Dolls group photo! I love photos together DD  and BJD! ^^

Nyaaa2015 (29)

Nyaaa2015 (30)

I take photo with my friends and dolls! ^^

Nyaaa2015 (31)

Edita take photo with me and my friends^^

Nyaaa2015 (32) Nyaaa2015 (33) Nyaaa2015 (34)

Sorry, this year I and Ingrida don’t cosplay because I was very busy with my last work to UTENA UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES :( But I was made Yukino and Kos-Mos dress long time ago ;)

Thank you so much friends for so good time!!!! \=^o^=/

Sorry for my English!^^’


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  • I had a great time with you and other girls. I hope next time we meet in my city. :D Too bad we don’t have any anime or Japan events here.

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