Nyaaa 2016

”Nyaaa” is event of Japanese cultural (anime and cosplay) in my city...

30th Jun
nyaaa_2016 (1)

Yukino’s Anniversary!

Happy Birthday to my first Dollfie Dream (BJD) Yukino! Now she is...

05th May

[FS] M7 Naruto [2016]

SOLD OUT!!! Thank you! =^o^= Name: ”M7 Naruto [2016]”. Price: $18.00 USD...

17th Apr
M7 Naruto (1)

[FS] DD Panties [2016]

SOLD OUT!!! Thank you! =^o^= Name: ”Lolita Panties”. Price: $5.00 USD (shipping...

14th Apr
Panties 2016 (1)

[FS] M6 Pink Skirt [2016]

SOLD OUT!!! Thank you! \=^o^=/ Name: ”M6 Pink Skirt [2016]”. Price: $8.00...

14th Apr
M6 DDdy Skirt (1)

[FS] M5 Golden [2016]

SOLD OUT! Thank you! =^o^=/ Name: ”M5 Golden [2016]”. Price: $16.00 USD...

14th Apr
M5 DD L golden (1)

[FS] M4 Grey Sweater [2016]

SOLD OUT!!! Thank you! \=^o^=/ Name: ”M4 Grey Sweater [2016]”. Price: $18.00...

14th Apr
M4 DDdy Grey (1)

Mermaid [2016]

[COMMISSIONS] The mermid tail was commissions. The headband is made by me too.^^...

07th Apr
Mermaid (1)

Easter cat-bunny?!

Hi, here are my cat, his name is MiauMiau, he is Easter’s...

27th Mar
MiauMiau_Bunny (1)