Sewing Practice! ^^

On July 4, 2013 by Ausra's Vampires

I am studying in College of Utena and from June 1 to June 25 was sewing practice. I have sew 3 clothes: skirt, pants, blouse. Also I have draw it^^ So here is my work, what you think?^^

My teachers liked my job and I get maximum rating. My friend get to maximum rating!!!! So we are very happy!!!

I was very happy when I herself sews clothes,  it is amazing!!! =^o^=

I wearing the blouse and the skirt which itself was sewn^^

Sewings (1)

Here are my model drawings!

Sewings (2) Sewings (3) Sewings (4) Sewings (5) Sewings (6) Sewings (7) Sewings (8)

The skirt sewed by me^^

Sewings (9)

The pants sewed by me^^

Sewings (10)

The blouse sewed by me^^

Sewings (11) Sewings (12)

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