[FS] M2 Butterfly [2017]

SOLD OUT! Thank you! =^o^=/ Name: ”M2 Butterfly [2017]”. Price: $34.00 USD...

07th Jun
Butterfly (1)

Yukino’s Anniversary!

Happy Birthday to my first Dollfie Dream (BJD) Yukino! Now she is...

05th May

Nyaaa 2015! ^^

”Nyaaa” is event of Japanese cultural (anime and cosplay) in my city...

28th Jun
Nyaaa2015 (1)

Yukino’s Birthday! ^^

Today is 5-year anniversary as I have my first Dollfie Dream Yukino!...

05th May
Yukino_Birthday_2015 (1)

Fashion White/Golden

SOLD OUT!!! The “Fashion White/Golden” outfit  Price: $25.00 USD. The oufit will...

22nd Mar
DD_White_Golden (1)

Happy Valentine’s Day 2015

I want say happy Valentine’s Day to YOU!!! \=^3^=/

14th Feb
Yukino Love Day

Now Japan 2014

NowJapan is biggest anime festival in my country, Lithuania. More info in...

08th Feb
NowJapan2014 (1)

The Orange Lolita Dress

SOLD OUT!!! The “Orange Lolita” outfit  Price: $85.00 USD. The outfit will...

21st Jan

The Purple Rose Lolita Outfit

SOLD OUT!!! The “Purple Rose Lolita” outfit  Price: $98.00 USD. This outfit...

13th Jan
DD L (1)