Yukino’s Anniversary!

Happy Birthday to my first Dollfie Dream (BJD) Yukino! Now she is...

05th May

[FS] M6 Pink Skirt [2016]

SOLD OUT!!! Thank you! \=^o^=/ Name: ”M6 Pink Skirt [2016]”. Price: $8.00...

14th Apr
M6 DDdy Skirt (1)

[FS] M4 Grey Sweater [2016]

SOLD OUT!!! Thank you! \=^o^=/ Name: ”M4 Grey Sweater [2016]”. Price: $18.00...

14th Apr
M4 DDdy Grey (1)

The Blue Nightwear

The Commission! ^^ I was get the commissions for DDdy size nightwear.

15th Mar
DDdy_Blue (1)

Happy Valentine’s Day 2015

I want say happy Valentine’s Day to YOU!!! \=^3^=/

14th Feb
Yukino Love Day

The Purple Open Sweater

SOLD OUT!!! The “Purple Open” sweater  Price: $18.00 USD. The sweater will...

15th Jan
DDdy_Purple_Open (1)

The Blue Flower Sweater

SOLD OUT!!! Thank you!^^ The “BlueFlower” sweater  Price: $18.00 USD. The sweater...

13th Jan
DDdy (1)

Happy New Year 2015!

31st Dec

New Work

My new work – the pink sweater-dress^^ Now I am very busy...

27th Dec