Happy Birthday Hui Ka!!!

Today is March 31st – Hui Ka’s bithday! He is 2 years...

31st Mar
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Happy Valentine’s Day! ^^

I want say to you all: Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Just be happy...

14th Feb
Valentine_Day (1)

Happy New Year 2014!!! =^o^=

My Vampires says: Happy New Year 2014!!! =^o^=/ Natsumi, Hui Ka and...

31st Dec


I and My Vampires say: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! \=^O^=/ Photo was taken by...

31st Oct

Ausra’s Vampires Family! Again! ^^

More photos with my Vampires! ^^

23rd Oct
3 Family (1)

Ausra’s Vampires Family! ^^

Hello! This tame I take some some photos with my Vampires! I...

20th Oct
Visi ^^ (1)

Natsumi’s Birthday! =^o^=

Today is Natsumi’s birthday! She is in my Vampires family one year...

06th Oct
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The outdoors with Hui Ka!

Finally, I found time for my boy Hui Ka!!! I take some...

10th Jun
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White Wolf Presents!

On April 12 was mini BJD meet in Lithuania http://lantis.lt/ausra/mini-bjd-meet/!  We were...

20th Apr
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