Yukino as Dara 2NE1 ^^ 2 part

Second part of Yukino as Dara, just this time my model Yukino...

18th Jun
Yukino_Dara_Cosplay (1)

Yukino as Dara 2NE1 ^^

2NE1 is my favourite K-pop group and they released music video ”GOTTA...

23rd May
Yukino_Dara (1)

Dara’s Fanart by Ausra^^

I love K-pop group 2ne1, and I love song ”Come Back Home”...

20th Mar

The Gift with Dara! ^^

2NE1 from South Korea is my favourite group long time and my...

07th Mar
Dara (1)

Fanart Dara ”Missing You”!

Who know me, I very love listening Kpop and my favourite group...

20th Nov

Dara’s Fanart by Ausra!^^ Again^^

I have very bad week because I hurt two teeth all the...

23rd Aug

Dara’s Fanart by Ausra!^^

I drawed my favourite K-pop idol Dara  from 2NE1! =^O^=

29th Jul

Dara’s Hairstyle!

I love K-pop groups, my favourite is Sandara Park (Dara) from 2ne1!...

09th Apr

2NE1 Album!!!

I say that my fiance LantisLT presened for my bithday 2NE1 1ST...

11th Nov
2NE1 (1)