The Second Course 2013 – 2014 [Sewing & Works]

I was studying in CUTENA UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES, in 2012-2015 years,...

05th Jul
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The First Course 2012 – 2013

I was studying in UTENA UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES, in 2012-2015 years, my...

05th Jul
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The Best Selfish

I develop and sewed my first clothes collection for human size. Collection...

20th May


I win the second place Nyaaa’s Fanart and the first place Nyaaa’s...

04th Jul

Sewing Practice! ^^

I am studying in College of Utena and from June 1 to...

04th Jul
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I am Ausra!

Hello! This time one post about me!!!XD Finally I finshed school and...

08th Sep