The Best Selfish

On May 20, 2014 by Ausra's Vampires

I develop and sewed my first clothes collection for human size. Collection name is ”Pati geriausia savanaudė” (in Lithuanian, but in English name is meaning ”The Best Selfish”). ^^

Create the collection inspired me by the music video ”I am the Best” – 2NE1 (my favourite girls group from South Korea) and my teacher’s Stepas Eitminavičiaus words: ”We are all selfish, and even doing good and noble work, we do it for ourselves”.

My models: my younger siter Karolina (with the shorts), my friend Justė (with purple/black dress), me (I am the basic model with the corset), my youngest sister Ingrida (with black dress) and the last model is my brother’s girlfiend Laura (with the purple top and the black leggings)!

The collection was presented to the public on May 15 during an event ”Mados virusas” (in English name will be ”Fashion Virus”). This event takes place every year in city Utena. ”Mados Virusas” celebrated its 20th birthday in this year! More:


On the stage we played a courageous and the best girls! Appearance of the song was so COOL:

4 5


Model: my sister youngest Ingrida, she is so beautiful! <3


Another great model is my younger sister Karolina! <3


Me! I am the basic model! :D I am ”The Best Selfish”!!!


Thank you very much for watching! \=^o^=/


All photos are taken by Justė’s boyfriend Mindaugas! Thank you  Mindaugas! =^o^= Also I want say THANK YOU SO MUCH to all people who help me! =^o^=I thank my models, my teachers and all the friends!!! \ =^o^=/


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