The Orange Lolita Dress

On January 21, 2015 by Ausra's Vampires



The “Orange Lolita” outfit  Price: $85.00 USD. The outfit will fit only DD body M bust girls! The outfit includes:

1. The orange/white dress,

2. The necklace,

3. The wristlets.

Not  included: Doll, eyes, wig, earrings, shoes!

Model: Yukino from Ausra’s Vampires. DD body M bust.


The dress was sewn 1 year ago (about), It looks like new, only one time I put on the model and take the photos (1 year ago).All the time the outfit was on plastic bag.

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Please read all rules:

1. If you want buy or have any questions, PLEASE email me

2. All sales are final, no returns or refunds unless it is my mistake, when PLEASE email me

3. Payment only  PAYPAL account!

4. Doll, wig, eyes, earings and shoes are not  included in the sales!

5. Shipping to Europe price is $5, everywhere else shipping is 6$. Iincludes tracking and small insurance, traveling about 2-4 weeks!

6. Everything is lucid inside so it should not stain, but I am not sure! I don’t recommended to keep a long time with these clothes on your dolls!

7. The clothes washing are only with hands!


Thank you for looking!

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