The Presents from LantisLT!

On November 9, 2012 by Ausra's Vampires

My birthday is November 12th, but that day I can’t be with my fiance so he presented the presents little early.

Thank you very much my love!!! \=^o^=/

Wow! \=^o^=/

I’ve always wanted to taste the sweet  of “Geisha”! XDAlso  there is very beautiful book about love “Crazy Love”! <3 And lovely postcard with amazing words! =^o^=

There is super sweet teddy bear MiniLantis! =P

OMG! There is my fourite k-pop group 2NE1 2011 1st live consert album! <3


I am so happy that I have got amazing man! Thank you so much!!!! \=^3^=/

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