The second MY clothing collection!

On May 8, 2015 by Ausra's Vampires

I sewed my  second clothes collection for human size. Collection name is ”Atsigręžk į save”  (in Lithuanian, but in English name is meaning ”Turn to yourself”). ^^  You can se my first clothes collection in last year –

This clothing collection is designed for girls that are not afraid to be themselves!

I show my clothes collection in the  ”MADOS VIRUSAS” 2015 (in English – Fashion Virus), May 7 day. More about the event:
Thank you so much for my fiance LantisLT who come to my collection performance and all time was so good  man! <3 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! \=^o^=/

A (1)

I can’t take photos with my clothes performance in ”MADOS VIRUSAS” 2015, but the organizers (UTENA UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES) take some photos with it (I will post it soon)^^ So I take some photos before and after our performance^^

My models:
1. Ingrida – my youngest sister (in the dark sweater and the purple shorts).
2. Karolina – my younger sister (in the pink top and the black pants).
3. Ausra – me (I am the basic model in the long sweater and the dark skirt).
4. Laura – my brother’s girlfiend and my friend  (in the white sweater).
5. Sandra – Laura’s and my friend (in the dark dress).

A (2)

My selfie before performance, I was so nervous! ^^

A (3) A (4)

After performance. Me – the basic model^^

A (7) A (8)

Model: Ingrida (my youngest sister)^^

A (15) A (19)

Me and Ingrida^^

A (20) A (21)

Model: Karolina – my younger sister^^

A (22) A (23)

Me again^^

A (24)

Little sexy photos with sister ;)

A (25) A (26) A (27) A (28)

And selfie time ;)

A (29) A (30) A (31)

My collection won the nomination FOR A DISTINCTIVE STYLE (Už savitą stilių)! =^o^=/

A (32)

I am so happy!!!! ^^

A (33)

The founder of the nomination is ”Baltic Underwear” (”Utenos trikotažas”) –
I got the prizes from ”Baltic Underwear” production ”ABOUT” –

I love it! Thank you so much!!!! ^^

A (34)

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all my amazing models who help me to show the clothes collection ”Atsigręžk į save”! We have great time! \=^o^=/

A (35)

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