White Neko T-Shirt

On July 10, 2014 by Ausra's Vampires

SOLD OUT! Thank you! =^o^=/

Neko_White (1)

The “White Neko” T-Shirt  Price: $15.00 USD. This T-Shirt will fit only MDD  body girls! The Includes only the pik T-Shirt.

Not  included: Doll, eyes, wig, panties, skirt, shoes! Model: MDD S bust Natsumi from Ausra’s Vampires.


You have to remove the doll head only then you can to put the T-shirts on doll. Please very carefully remove the doll head and raise the doll’s hands up and you can to put the T-shirts on doll, please be very careful with doll’s hands, finger, neck!

Neko_White (2) Neko_White (3) Neko_White (4) Neko_White (5) Neko_White (6) Neko_White (7) Neko_White (8) z

Please read all rules:

1. If you want buy or have any questions, PLEASE email me maig.ausra9@gmail.com

2. All sales are final, no returns or refunds unless it is my mistake, when PLEASE email me maig.ausra9@gmail.com

3. Payment only  PAYPAL account!

4. Doll, wig and eyes are not  included in the sales!

5. Shipping to Europe price is $5, everywhere else shipping is 6$. Iincludes tracking and small insurance, traveling about 2-4 weeks!

6. Everything is lucid inside so it should not stain, but I am not sure! I don’t recommended to keep a long time with these clothes on your dolls!

7. The clothes washing are only with hands!


Thank you for looking! =^o^=

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