Witch Yukino! ^^

On April 3, 2014 by Ausra's Vampires

Model: Ausra’s Vampires Yukino with the outfit sewed by me (Ausra)^^

Yukino: Why the world is so dark… so cold… ?

Witch Yukino (1)

Although looks so light…

Witch Yukino (2)

This warmth lasts for a very short! Maybe… that’s why we want have another side?

Witch Yukino (3)

So cold to be alone…

Witch Yukino (4)

The warmth is come back?!

Witch Yukino (5)


Witch Yukino (6)


No… No, It is just cold wind hacked a twig of tree…

Witch Yukino (7) Witch Yukino (8)

Please, come back the warmth… in my heart just cold… please come back to me!!!!

Witch Yukino (9)

The warmth don’t come back but the twig of tree is here… alone…

Witch Yukino (10) Witch Yukino (11)

My heart is not cold anymore!

Witch Yukino (12)

Because I am the Witch of Light! ^^

Witch Yukino (13) Witch Yukino (14)

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